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Satisfy and support your employees with the perfect post-pandemic workplace

As the world adjusts to the new, post-pandemic normal, work environments are exponentially evolving to meet the changing expectations of employees. With the rise of hybrid working, the use of third spaces, and an emphasis on flexibility, it's crucial to understand what motivates employees and align your workplace strategy to their operational preferences.

In a recent survey by Gartner, 43% of digital workers claimed that flexible working hours improved their productivity. To capitalise on this trend, organisations need to create a workplace that is ready for the future, allows employees to be at their best, and aligns with their strategic goals, while also fostering their confidence, individuality and inspiration.

Designing for the Hybrid Workforce: Offices have evolved to facilitate connection, collaboration, and creativity, with many undergoing transformations to become ready for the hybrid workforce. It's important to engage and communicate with employees to understand what they need and what motivates them, creating a seamless experience for them.

Data-Driven Decisions: To maximise your investment in your workplace, it's essential to use data and insights to inform future designs for your employees. Combining employee feedback through surveys, focus groups, and interviews with sensor analytics can provide actionable information that can inform your design, curate the employee experience, and meaningfully support your strategic objectives.

Creating a Community: Following an extensive, colleague-centric overhaul at our London office, Livv has witnessed occupancy levels returning to encouraging, pre-pandemic levels and the sense of community and energy becoming palpable. By creating a workplace that inspires employees, showcases your service offerings, and operates seamlessly for them, your workplace meets its organisational goals faster – not through major investments, but through a community-led strategy that encourages confidence and individuality.

The future of work is here, and it's crucial to understand what motivates employees and to create a workplace that works side by side with your employees’ evolving needs and sense of job satisfaction.

Gartner, "Digital Workers Say Flexibility is Key to Their Productivity”



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