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It's all in the details: workplace excellence with Russell Reynolds Associates

Details are what makes business unique. They define brands, differentiate products and services, and even shape workplace cultures.

At Livv, we’re all about the details. A team of dedicated workplace specialists, who each bring their own individual flair and expertise, go to great lengths to truly understand our clients. Including, the products and services they provide, the clients they serve, the culture they promote, and their people who make it all possible. We are a natural extension of our clients’  teams, creating  exceptional workplace experiences that champion their business.  


Five years of success 

Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA) is a leading executive search and leadership advisory firm. Based in London’s prestigious St James’s district, RRA’s UK office welcomes some of the world’s most highly sought after talent.

RRA’s partnership with Livv began in 2018 when one of RRA’s senior leaders attended a meeting at another workplace managed by Livv. At the time, RRA’s reception and hospitality team had been managed in house and, as it relied on agency teams for cover, it was vulnerable to inconsistencies in service. The Livv experience impressed the RRA leader — and they subsequently approached us to partner with RRA.

As part of the contract mobilisation, we created a structure to welcome RRA’s workplace employees to the Livv team. We also defined the services  they would deliver on-site — workplace management, meet-and-greet, meeting room management, hospitality and concierge duties — supported by a network of off-site Livv specialists. This included account leadership, a trained cover team, learning and development and curation experts. 


Committed to quality 

RRA and Livv have a shared dedication to excellence and the Livv team takes great pride in having become intrinsic to RRA’s great workplace experience.

Their expertise has been key to building inspiring workplace environments. By focusing on details, such as visitor discretion, the coordination of multiple sensitive interviews, and curating exciting, themed pop-up themed events with exceptional food and entertainment, our Livv specialists create first-class experiences.

What’s more, the team is committed to these standards, whether they are working permanently on a client account or maintaining service continuity as one of our highly trained support cover team members. Subsequently, we have been proud to see several members of the Livv team receive industry recognition at the Corporate Receptionist of the Year awards. 


Staying ahead of the curve 

Livv is proud to partner with RRA as they continue their remarkable journey of growth and innovation.  

Laura Sanderson, UK Country Manager for RRA, says: “Livv understands our vision at RRA. It was a major decision for us to outsource our reception and hospitality services, but from the regular excellent unsolicited feedback from visitors I and my team receive on their service experience, our decision is continually ratified. Livv has demonstrated they truly embrace our culture and values and are ambassadors for our organisation.” 

Matt Bowers, Managing Director of Livv, continues: “At Livv, we embrace RRA’s ambitions to shape the future of leadership by creating environments that empower leaders to thrive and organisations to excel. We’re proud to be part of RRA’s mission to redefine what leadership means in the ever-evolving business landscape.” 


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