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Workplace Support
Fast-Growing Technology Client



Livv provided a trusted team member to establish temporary workplace services and provided a project team to curate the service at the new location. A fresh, cross-trained Livv team was appointed to take care of all maintenance, workplace, helpdesk and cleaning - including eco-friendly cleaning consumables sourced, using a vetted supplier system and sustainable cleaning methodology.

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Livv seamlessly integrated into a fast-growing technology client's team, helping transition them to new office space.


To upgrade the workplace support and be a key part of the transition team for a fast-growing technology client moving from serviced offices to a dedicated 50,000sq ft office space in the City of London, and to create a workplace experience that would attract and retain great employees and be recognized as one of the best places to work.



In a two-month transition, the workplace services were delivered by an onsite team supported by an offsite network of cover and mobile engineering support, aligned with the client values. The client was voted as having one of the UK's Best Workplaces.

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